Perfect Practice – The New Rules For Giving A Speech

Practice does not make perfect anymore according to the new methods being embraced by today’s most effective communicators.

Instead, the new rules are more casual and direct such as you practice to perfect your talk. For example, you need to practice in front of a trusted audience to get good feedback and make adjustments according to their reactions.

“It takes one hour of preparation for each minute of presentation time.” Wayne Burgraff

Practice out Loud the Way You Will Give Your Speech Live

Although this won’t make you perfect, it does produce a lot of benefits. Reading your speech out loud may expose flaws that you may have missed in your editing. This will also allow you to gauge your excitement level for your topic, are you excited about or bored?

Also, you will be able to gauge your timing and boost your confidence by rehearsing your material.

There is no “right way’ to Give a Speech

The hard and fast rules of public speaking are changing and the days of boring lectures are over. In fact, speeches and presentations will become more interactive in the coming years.

Find your authentic style, what works for you, and doesn’t work for you and tweak it accordingly. Practice different ideas in front of your trusted test audience and get their honest opinion.

Find Your Own Voice

When preparing for your speech, pay attention to the tone of your voice and practice how you want your voice to sound in your speech. Your voice is an important element to how your listeners will judge your attitude, credibility, and sincerity. You can vary your pitch, rhythm and volume for emphasis and work expression in.

You need to do that throughout your speech or your voice will become monotone which will give your audience the impression that you don’t care about the message you are delivering.

Use Honest Even Harsh Feedback

To really gauge how you are doing, always solicit feedback even if you know it is going to be bad. You should make people aware that you really want honest feedback.

It could sting for a second but the best way for us to learn is from our mistakes. You may be repeatedly making a mistake that you are totally unaware of and since people don’t like to offer criticism no has ever told you. If you are doing a fabulous job and keeping everyone interested, your peers will be happy to tell you.

This is the wonderful thing about practicing in front of trusted individuals is that  you don’t have to worry about the pressure of a large audience and you can be practice being yourself.

Do not Practice in Front of the Mirror

Forget what everyone has always told you, practicing in front of the mirror does not work. This can sabotage your speech in a negative way if you are becoming self-conscious by focusing on flaws. The negative feelings can leave you less than enthusiastic to deliver your speech. Also, you will try to remain in full view of the mirror and this will limit your movements.

When preparing for your next speech remember to forget about a lot of the outdated rules you have learned and practice with the idea that practice does not make perfect but you practice to perfect your talk.

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