Have Passion For Your Topic

We have all seen speakers that deliver their message onstage with passion and conviction. The question is, how do you use that passion to set yourself apart from other speakers?

We all are passionate about something in life; the trick is digging down deep to find what that is. Sometimes it is something that is not obvious.

Passion is finding that thing that gives you great joy and ignites the fire within in you. It inspires you to do something with all of your heart, and if you lack this, you won’t be very convincing to anyone.

Passion is the genesis of genius. – Tony Robbins

How can you inspire Others if you are Not Passionate About What You Are Talking About?

If you are not on fire for your topic, why would anyone take the time or spend the money to listen to you?

If you have a fascination for your topic you will always seek more knowledge about. People will know how excited you are about your topic by your body language and they will be energized by it.

If you don’t care about your topic, you will be dry and boring and your audience will not be engaged with you. Passion or lack of it is truly contagious.

Why Does This Work?

This works because when you are speaking from your heart, you exude positive energy. In this day and age, we have negative energy all around us.

People are thirsty for positive energy, in fact, they thrive off of it. If you can provide this for others, they will flock to you.

Regardless of what you are teaching, even if it is something that doesn’t exactly thrill you, you can always find something surrounding that topic to be excited about.

Find something that matters to you regarding that topic. For instance, you can use a story that is important to you, maybe something from your childhood with a funny twist to illustrate your point.

Whatever it is, figure out a way to make the topic interesting and exciting to you and listeners. In the video Public Speaking Tips-Find Enthusiasm, Bill Monsour talks about the importance of having some sort of engagement with your topic.


If you are not passionate about your topic, you will not get others to care or be excited about what you are teaching.

I challenge and encourage you to really start digging deep in your soul and think about what gets your fire going, what do you really care about? Believe in what you are saying and always have your audience’s best interest in mind.

Next time you give a speech, use your passion to guide you and you will engage your audience and set yourself apart from the rest.

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