Mind Mapping: Picture Your Speech

Mind mapping is an effective and powerful tool to remember your speeches. It is the easiest way to put and keep information in your brain, it literally maps out your thoughts.

Using this technique is also more interesting and fun than just memorizing a script or note-cards.

To start, write down your topic or central idea in the middle of your page. From your center, you start adding branches, using one word or image at a time. With each new word or picture, your brain will start making connections. Each fact or idea is written down and linked by curves, thus creating a map of relationships. The more images you have the better; as images have a much greater impact than words. Also, adding color to your map adds excitement, energy and interest.

“The mind map will change your life” – Tony Buzan

Why it Works

The purpose of this technique is to facilitate ideas and concepts and to capture and ingrain these ideas in our brains. Our brains like to work in a way that deals with connections and associations and can connect memories or information to literally thousands of other ideas. Also, our brains perform in a circular fashion.

Even though most people still use lists to organize thoughts and ideas, it is far more effective to use a mind map as it will access all parts of your brain and will get out all applicable information. The trick is to not over complicate things, the simpler you make things the easier it will be to let your thoughts connect and the more you will remember.

One key thing to keep in mind is to only write down one word or image at each branch. If you do more than that, you will complicate things and disrupt the connective flow. When you are creating your map, you are drawing connections between information, highlighting important pieces which gives you the opportunity to remember vast quantities of information. The fact that you physically created your map helps you visualize it when you are giving your speech.

In the video, How to Use a Mind Map, Tony Buzan explains how to effectively use this technique.

Visualize Your Ideas

Mind mapping is essential for tapping into your ideas on a much deeper level than just writing down bullet points or lists. You will be able to prioritize key pieces of information which you find the most relevant. Allowing yourself to visualize your ideas will greatly support the flow of your speech.

I encourage you to utilize the mind map method in your next speech to unleash your brains potential in creativity and memory.

In Closing

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